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Introducing Nick Pearie

As a special note, the Children;s Garden and Plant Program received a $73 donation at the 2017 Heritage Celebration. Thanks to the work of Greyson Sinclair, and Savannah & Cadyn Jarvis who worked planting seeds and then selling their plants at the Heritage celebration $146 was raised. The children donated 100% of their profits, giving 50% to the Garden and Plant Program, and the other 50% to the lake Champlain Maritime Musuem.


At this time, I would like to introduce, Nick Pearie, Acting Supervisor, for the Tribal Garden. He visited us, last Spring, and then left, for a much-needed vacation. But, he is back. He arrives, very early, in the morning, and sits on the porch, and waits for us. He is very small in stature, with deep brown eyes. One of his favorite activities, is sitting in pear trees, and watching the world go by. Another favorite, is riding on the 4-wheeler, and on the old tractor. The garden, is another of his most favorite, he helps rake, and other tasks. He will let you know, if you are not doing the garden, by his standards At present, he is waiting, for the rain to stop, so we can plant. Nick, just rapped gently, on the window. A signal to come out on the porch, for a bit of conversation. His feathers, are a bit ruffled, but his crown, is held high, with pride and wonder. He may not be able to communicate, the way we do, but we do have an understanding. By now, you must be wondering, who Nick is. Nick is a Partridge. We first saw him, in the pear tree, feasting on pears, his favorite food. Very shortly, he started to follow us. Now, he is everywhere, we go. He reminds me, of a little kid, tiny legs going at warp speed, and head just a bobbing. It is a refreshing sight, every time he visits. Seeing something beautiful and funny, instead of turmoil and sadness. The smiles on our Grandchildren’s faces, showing pure joy. I hope he will stay, a bit longer.
(No, we don’t feed him.)

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