Kids Corner

What the Kids have been up to! Cadyn & her Grandfather playing guitar Playing instruments and making music has been in the family for as long as anyone can remember, so it was no surprise when Cadyn asked her grandfather to teach her to play the guitar. Her grandfather learned to play his old Gibson … Read more

Kitchen & Garden

Introducing Nick Pearie As a special note, the Children;s Garden and Plant Program received a $73 donation at the 2017 Heritage Celebration. Thanks to the work of Greyson Sinclair, and Savannah & Cadyn Jarvis who worked planting seeds and then selling their plants at the Heritage celebration $146 was raised. The children donated 100% of … Read more

Sagakwa Garden of Renewal

Garden of Renewal SAGAKWA is a garden consisting of the rare and remarkable Abenaki crop varieties; such as Koasek corn and Algonquin pumpkin, available nowhere else in the United States and others such as Morrisville sunflower, Cambridge Jerusalem artichoke and Hardwick ground cherry, that are probably not available anywhere else. The White Pine Association the … Read more


Where We Are The following map shows our traditional territory in Vermont and New Hampshire. Mailing Address of the Tribe: Koasek of the Koas of the Abenaki Nation 188 Allen Bent Road W. Braintree Roxbury, Vermont 05669 Email: [email protected]

About Our Tribe History

The Koasek by Chief Nancy Millette Doucet The Koasek Abenaki of the KOAS are a State-of-Vermont-recognized tribe with their headquarters in Newbury. Vermont. We have spent over 30 years documenting our history in Haverhill and Newbury and 20 years to pass legislation to grant us legal status as a recognized tribe. Our application for recognition … Read more