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This booklet was developed to share the diverse cultural history of the Koas Meadows region and the local Koasek Abenaki people. It is designed in such a way that both educators and parents alike can use it to stimulate discussion and promote a better understanding of the Native Americans who have lived here for thousands of years. Discussion questions are included at the end of each section. Abenaki words are set in italics and can be found in the Glossary along with a list of Suggested Resources. It is hoped that by providing this information, many of the common misconceptions pertaining to the Abenaki people will be clarified. Reading about our unique history will help the students of the Koas Meadows region gain knowledge of their own history and instill a sense of pride in their unique and culturally diverse heritage. We hope this booklet provides insight into the origins of our families and the history of the Koas Meadows. Most importantly, our message to you is—from the history of Koas to you today, our community is strong and unique. It is not just the beautiful meadows or the amazing mountains that make this a special place; it is the community of people who live here.