The Coos (Pine Tree Place)

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Our name, Koasek, is a variation of the name "Coos." Following is some history that mentions the name "Coos," which is an area in Vermont and New Hampshire. The Assembly of New Hampshire began the process of cutting and making a road from the settlements upon the Merrimack to the "Coos Meadows." The Abenaki sent six Indians with a flag of truce into the Fort at Number Four. The Abenaki held their ground on the subject. They told Capt. Stevens that they were displeased "at our peoples going to take a view of the Coos Meadows last spring" (spring of 1752,) and that "for the English to settle Cowos was what they could not agree to; and as the English had no need of that land, but had enough without it, they must think the English had a mind for war if they should go there," and that they should "have a strong war."