Tribal Gathering

November 29, 2015

Braintree Town Hall, Braintree VT

In Attendance: Chief Shirly Hook, Chief Carrie Gendreau, Chief Amy Hook-Therrien, Elder Trudy Ann Parker, Elder Colleen Chase, Mike Wood, Cheryl O’Neil, Cheryl Prescott,  Jenny Sinclair, Jose Sinclair, Greyson Sinclair, Doug Bent, Don Parker, Bill Gendreau, Alex Drew, Shawn Klink (Website Designer), Heather Bent, Laddie Lushin (Lawyer for White Pines Association)

Peggy Fullerton’s Citizen Card was returned to Laddie Lushin – Peggy Fullerton is no longer a Koasek of the Koas Tribal Citizen.

White Pine Association:

- A list was drafted of what items need to be returned to the White Pine Association that were in the hands of Voices of the Koas singing group members.

        -An Executive Director needs to be appointed, this person does not need to be a citizen of the tribe.

-Board of Trustees needs to be appointed. The people holding these positions can be terminated without cause if it is in the best interest of the White Pine Association. The Counsel of the Chiefs can fill the board if needed. The people on the board do not have to be citizens of the tribe.

-Qualifications for the Board of Trustees – (Section 2.2 of the Bylaws of the White Pine Association reads) To be appointed as a trustee a person shall have a demonstrated commitment to the purposes of the Association and be resolved to further its activities, shall not be related by blood or marriage to any other trustee, and shall not have any overriding conflict of interest.

Chief Carrie Gendreau motions to eliminate the section of the bylaw that reads “shall not be related by blood or marriage to any other trustee” Chief Shirly Hook seconded the motion Chief Amy Hook-Therrien agreed.

-Chief Carrie Gendreau motions to have the Council of the Chiefs take over the board of trustees, until more suitable replacements step forward. Chief Shirly Hook Seconded, Chief Amy Hook-Therrien agreed.

-Grants that were received by the White Pine Association need to be shown to the tribe for review and for records

-Chief Carrie Gendreau motions “The Council of Chiefs of the Koasek Traditional Band of the Koas Abenaki Nation acknowledges that one of its most pressing burdens is the need for an adequate and reliable source of funding to facilitate its proper functioning, and the Council resolves to present this need to the White Pines Association for priority action as soon as it again becomes operational.”

Chief Amy Hook-Therrien seconded motion, Chief Shirly Hook was in agreement.

Tribal Checking Account: In order for the tribe to open a checking account the tribe needs a Federal ID Number which Laddie Lushin has said he will fill out the paperwork in order for the tribe to receive a Federal ID Number.

After a short break everyone introduced themselves.

The meeting was opened up to any questions people might have had.

Raven Wood’s questions about the White Pine Association were then read aloud and answered by Laddie Lushin.


1: Why did Nancy our former Chief create White Pine and for what purpose?

2: How does the tribe figure in the picture

3: To my knowledge the tribe has never received any monies from them. Were we supposed to?

4: The tribe, to my knowledge, has never has a checking account and we are having a problem creating a checking account. Can we use the White Pines ID Number to open an account?

5: How does the tribe earn monies and keep from paying taxes? Do we use White Pine 501C3 to do this or are we two different parts in this?

6: Are the officers of White Pine supposed to come out of the tribe? Do we own or control White Pine?

The website creator was in attendance and everyone in the tribe was asked to review the website so changes can be made. The background was asked to be changed because of its distracting nature. We are to contact Shawn Klink with any changes that should be made. A big thanks to Shawn for putting in all that hard work for us!

Cheryl O’Neil asked the Chiefs what they see for the future of the tribe moving forward? Chief Amy Hook-Therrien responded by saying that the Chiefs would love to have social gatherings and even get the singing group started again for educational purposes. Chief Shirly Hook brought up the garden, and how we would love to get that going again. Cheryl Prescott suggested perhaps that small plots at different peoples houses focusing on one or two crops. It was also stated that the Chiefs would love to have Colleen Chase as the spiritual leader

Chief Amy Hook-Therrien spoke a bit about the Heritage Gathering happening this coming summer. It would be wonderful to have volunteers and it would be greatly appreciated if everyone could attend. If anyone had any suggestions on anything we could do at the gathering educational or otherwise they were to let the Chiefs know.

Colleen said a blessing to conclude the meeting.