Council of the Chiefs

Minutes for October 18, 2015

Location: P&H Truck Stop

In Attendance: Chief Shirly Hook, Chief Carrie Gendreau, Chief John Prescott, Chief Amy Hook-Therrien, Elder Colleen Chase, Elder Colin Wood, Mike Wood, Bill Gendreau, Doug Bent, Alexander Drew

Chief Shirly Hook opened the meeting at 10:40 am and Chief Carrie Gendreau seconded it.

The Associate letter was looked over by all the chiefs and elders in attendance and approved. It was decided that all four chiefs would be signing the letters as well as the elders in attendance. Letters were signed first by the Chiefs then by the elders. It was decided that they would be set out certified mail, receipt requested. Chief Carrie donated $20 for postage. As soon as addresses are acquired the letters would be sent out. Chief Amy will speak with Vera Longtoe Sheehan (Vermont Abenaki Artist Assocation) about what is going on with the associate members in the tribe.

The tribal website was discussed all the Chiefs and anyone else who has ideas for changes that need to be made to the website will e-mail Chief Shirly so that she can talk with Sean. It was requested that there be an e-mail that all four chiefs can access so that we can send out information or answer questions, etc.

Chief John & Treasurer Colin Wood have been trying to open a banking account and were told they could not without a federal number. Colleen Chase gave them the federal number that is for the tribe. We will have a bank account opened at Merchants Bank. John will open the account and Colin will be a second signer. Colin is in charge of all the money that is to go into the account so that solid records can be kept. We will have records that anyone in the tribe can request to see.

Colleen spoke then about The White Pine Association. She spoke with the attorney, and found out that the White Pines was started for the tribe so that they could get grants also to sponsor and provide insurance for tribal events. The White Pine Association belongs to the tribe. Attorney will draft a letter stating this so that if anyone in the tribe has questions we have the letter. Tribal members are supposed to make up the board of the White Pine Association. There will be a meeting set up with the attorney so that questions can be asked and answered.

Chief Shirly & Chief Amy Signed tribal member cards for Angia Hoyt Brooks, Rodger Bacon Hoyt, Hanna Rose Brooks & Andy Hoyt.

The meeting was concluded at 11:53 am by Chief Shirly, Seconded by Chief John.