Counsel of the Chief’s Meeting

July 22, 2015

In Attendance:  Chief Shirly Hook, Chief John Prescott, Chief Amy Hook-Therrien, Colleen Chase, Ryan Prescott & Douglas Bent

Meeting opened by Chief Shirly at 10 am at The Carriage Shed in White River Junction, Vermont Seconded by Chief Amy

Finances for the White Pine Association:

Elder Colleen Chase was in attendance as treasurer of the White Pine Association to provide information on their finances. Colleen informed the Chiefs that the White Pines Association is separate from the tribe. Colleen has all the financials in her possession at this time, and has been going through all the information. She was able to assure the Chiefs that all the financials are in order. The Koasek of the Koas is sometimes sponsored by the White Pine Associations and is able to use their insurance for certain events or gatherings. Since the White Pine Association is a 501C they are able to get grants, when the tribe wishes to apply for a grant the White Pine Association helps with the grant process. The White Pine Association will be having a meeting in September. The Chiefs will be receiving a formal invitation to attend the meeting. Any other questions can be addressed at that time.

The Voices of the Koas:

Colleen Chase Informed the Chiefs that The Voices of the Koas are associated with the White Pine Association. Anyone can be a member of the singing group, they do not have to be Abenaki or have their genealogy proving they are of Native American decent.

Associate Members:

Chiefs will be looking at the original Constitution to see what the rules are for associate members of the tribe. All further request for citizenship needs to go before the Counsel of the Chiefs. Genealogy will need to be presented at that time for review by the Chiefs. The role of associates is undetermined at this time. Issue was tabled in order to gain more knowledge on the topic.

Tribal Rolls:

It was decided that the Chief’s need to go through the rolls, and send out correspondence so that the tribal members can update any information that may have changed. The Chiefs will be sending out a press release letting the members know of the Counsel of the Chiefs, as well as Invitations to meetings and/or gatherings.

Checking Account for the Tribe:

It was decided that a bank account for the Koasek of the Kaos at Merchants Bank would be opened. Raven (Colin Wood) is the treasurer and will be signing checks. Anything over $150 will require a second signer on the check. Chief John will be the second signer. Records from the checking account will be shown to members of the tribe at every meeting.

Peggy Fullerton’s Resignation from Secretary:

Chief John provided a letter of resignation written by Peggy Fullerton addressed to the Council of Chiefs of the Koasek of the Koas. It reads,

        July 4, 2015

        To the Council of the Chiefs of the Koasek of the Koas Tribe, it is with

heavy heart that I present you with my resignation as Secretary’s Position.

All tribal materials I hold in my possession will be delivered to Chief John

Prescott in a timely manner. Please Allow time for this to occur.

I am sure the tribe will move forward and prosper.

Many Blessings

Peggy Fullerton

The letter was accepted by the Chiefs in attendance, Chief Shirly, Chief John & Chief Amy. Signed letter is attached. A new secretary will be appointed as soon as someone comes forward to take the position. Chief Amy has taken the responsibility of taking the minutes until that time.

Wabanaki Confederacy Conference – August 19th – 22nd:

Douglas Bent was in attendance to give information about the dinner that will be held by the Koasek of the Koas on August 19, 2015 at the Conference. Douglas and Raven will be splitting the cost of hams that will be served at the dinner. Volunteers will need to be found to make food for the dinner as well as setup and take down. The conference will be held in Shelburne, Vermont. Members of the tribes will be allowed to vend at the conference all four days, Saturday the 22nd will be the only day open to the public. Tribal members can camp out and attend conferences throughout the duration of the Confederacy.

New Tribal Address:

Chief John will be opening a new mailbox for the tribe in Newbury, Vermont. John will have the key for the mailbox and will be checking the contents. The cost of the mailbox will be covered by money that has been donated to the tribe. New address will be announced once we get the mailbox.

Other Business:

Chief Shirly received donations from generous people in the community as well as the tribe. The money will be placed into the tribe’s checking account once it is opened. Chief Shirly provided a sheet with all donations and how the money will be used or has been used. Sheet is attached. Thank you to Stewart & Patty Silloway, Clyde & Betty Hook, George Smith & the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum for the generous contributions.

 Chief Shirly inquired for Raven about the tribal drums location. The drum was taken out of Colleen Chases care, the Chiefs decided that the drum needs to be returned. A drum keeper will be appointed at the next meeting.

Chief John put into motion for the meeting to adjourn Chief Shirly Seconded it at 12:45

Minutes Taken & Written by Chief Amy Hook-Therrien – July 22, 2015